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Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and Android Smartphone 2017

by Poweradd Official Aug 20 , 2018

Virtual reality has been a great boost to a new stage of visual experience in multimedia on account of the widespread applications of VR technology.

The quick evolution of virtual reality technology has made many things possible and quite a lot of VR products accessible. It allows you to simply use a headset to view a virtual space as if you are actually there. You'll be surprisingly amazed at this promising technology. Seemingly, a VR headset is going to take you on a most fascinating journey rather than just a simple video game. The brand-new entertainment is a great refreshment for you after long monotonous work schedules.

1.   HTC VIVE - Virtual Reality System

Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and Android Smartphone 2017

HTC Vive is an awesome virtual reality headset which utilizes base stations mounted to the wall, built from the ground for a room-scale VR. The headset comes with wireless controllers. HTC Vive allows you to enjoy hundreds of video games for StreamVR. The positional tracking of the Vive headset will give you more fun.


2.   Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality Headset

Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and Android Smartphone 2017

Oculus Rift VR headset is believed to be one of the best wearable devices that feature customization and superior VR effect. Headset users will find this headset very comfortable, exquisite and remarkably realistic in the VR effect it displays. It's a great device for video game geeks.


3.   Samsung Gear VR 2016

Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and Android Smartphone 2017

The design is simplified. It has a user-friendly interface that enables you to easily use touch pad with dedicated Back and Home buttons. You can have full access to a wide field of views, precise head-tracking and low latency. This Samsung Gear VR is widely compatible with most Samsung smartphones.


4.   PlayStation VR

Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and Android Smartphone 2017

PlayStation VR makes it easy for you, just plug the VR headset and your PlayStation camera into your PlayStation 4 system. It offers you an ideal seamless VR display, you will enjoy the virtual world by an OLED 1080p display with 120 frames per second. Besides, PlayStation VR has 3D audio technology, making your playing more virtual and overwhelming.


5.   Google Daydream View

Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and Android Smartphone 2017

Much thought has been put into this design: comfort wearing, compact size, soft cloth shell, smooth lining near the temples and flexible door. The remote works seemlessly with the headset. Google Daydream View is a superb headset that can give you a fully immersive and flawless VR experience.

Virtual reality has the potential to deliver so realistic virtual experiences for so many amazing video games and movies. You may test the positional tracking with VR headset on by looking around casually. The view will definitely change as your brain expects it to. This is what the best VR headsets 2017, the top virtual reality devices for iPhone and Android bring into your life.

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